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Craps System Tester ultimate Craps Win
72 Days at the Baccarat Table
Roulette System Tester
Baccarat System Tester the Official Bac Tester
Roulette Eurotester 100000 plus single zero decisions
Seven Heavy Dice Strategy for the Don't Player
Gambling's Greatest Secrets Revealed Flat Bet System


and NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER BOOK! This 2019 we're offering the "Zumma System Tester" Series in digital format.
Purchase the Zumma System Tester Library in pdf format on Flash drive. This includes the Craps System Tester, 72 Days at the Baccarat, the Baccart System Tester, the Roulette System Tester and the Euro Roulette Tester.  BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE...
as a special bonus, you'll receive the book "Gambing's Greatest Secrets Revealed". In this book we present the two
best Flat Bet systems we have ever found for Baccarat and the Binary decisions on Craps and Roulette. (a $29.95 value). All this for $99.00 includes
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What a system that wins with Flat Bets? No doubling up and losing
all your money. We're offering two flat bet systems for binary decision gambling. 
Gambling's Greatest Secrets Revealed by
Benny Berry reveals the power of the Flagship Overlay on Binary decisions. You find it right here on our site.

We're the Publisher of the World Famous "System Tester Series". 

Our Tester books cover Baccarat, Mini Baccarat, Craps, 
  American Roulette,  and Single Zero Roulette

  They're all available in book form,  NOW on  Flash Drive
  "The Zumma System  Tester Library on Flash Drive"   
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Zumma System Tester Library on Secured Flash Drive (includes Craps System Tester, Baccarat System Tester, 72 Days at the Baccarat Table, Roulette System Tester and the Roulette Eurotester in pdf format on Flash Drive) Plus Bonus book, Gambling's Greatest Secrets Revealed.
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 Advanced Craps
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$99.95 Get's You the Zumma System Tester Library on Flash Drive  Plus Free Priority Shipping in the United States of America. All the details of the titles you receive are below for you to review.

Check out the Christmas
2018 Special on the
Zumma System Tester
Libray above.

We Ship the Flash Drive immediately!  Click Here to Order 
ALL of System Testers in PDF Format
Baccarat System Tester -1000 Shoes, over 80,000 baccarat game 
    decisions from the Big Baccarat Table.  Every single decision was 
    recorded LIVE at the casino.  
    We will never give computer generated junk!   Included in the 270 + page 
    volume, gambling expert Erick St. Germain tells you how to develop and 
    test your OWN baccarat strategy.  The baccarat testers are essential if you are going 
    to buy someone else's baccarat gambling system. 
WARNING! Most systems you 
    buy on the internet or  from a newspaper or magazine ARE TOTAL RIP OFFS! If
     purchased alone, this title sells for $29.95 + $6.00  U.S. Shipping and Handling.

Since you've visited this website, you probably believe that there's more to being
successful in your favorite casino or online casino than pure luck. One great and
simple way of improving your gambling results is testing your strategies before you
go to the casino or play online with our tester books. Also read the
many informative articles on sites like ours or online roulette and craps articles
that can be found on the Web. This is free and will most definitely improve your
gaming skills and will also help you in developing the "professional gambler mindset".

2. 72 Days at the Baccarat Table- 600 Shoes from the Mini-Baccarat Table.
     Live decisions from Harrah's Las Vegas, mini  baccarat  headquarters. 
     Decisions are printed in Score Card format showing B (bank), 
     P (player) and T (tie) decisions.  Also included by each Shoe Score 
     Card is a Streak Chart  showing how many single, double, triple, 
     quadruple, etc. occurred on the banker and player during the shoe.  
     This is a great help if you play the well known streaks that occur in
     baccarat game. The "72 Days at the Baccarat Table" is a 300 page volume.
     If purchased alone, this title sells in printed form for $24.95 + $6.00 U.S. Shipping and Handling.
Craps System Tester -  this is the Gold Standard which all professional
      craps gambling systems are tested against.  300 hours of meticulously recorded 
      LIVE craps decisions from the casino.  This data is formatted for 
      maximum testing power. Each new shooter is identified by number.  
      The actual numbers rolled are show in the first format.  Then, the 
      decisions are given in the form of line decisions;
      N (natural) D (don't) P (pass)  In the back of the book you'll fine
      tremendously useful summary and number distributions charts.  
      Beat the Craps game with your own powerful craps strategy.
      This a 292 page volume. This title sells for $24.95 + $6.00 
      U.S. Shipping and Handling.
Roulette System Tester - Beat the Roulette Game! 
15,000 actual Live Spins of the wheel from 
      Las Vegas casinos. Use this book to kick the casino's butt.  
      The incredible thing about this roulette volume is 
      it's multiple formatting. Roulette decisions are displayed in all possible 
      formats for easy testing. Specifically, red / black; odd / even; 
      top / bottom; dozens, columns, and of course, the actual
      numbers.  This roulette title purchased alone in printed form sells for 
      $24.95 + $6.00 U.S. Shipping and Handling. 
Roulette Eurotester - 100,000+ single zero numbers.. yes! you read 
      it correctly, one hundred thousand plus live single zero roulette numbers.  
      The number of single zero roulette wheels is increasing in Vegas and 
       Atlantic City.  The single zero roulette game cuts the house advantage in 
       half compared to the standard American roulette wheel.
       The decisions were recorded in a major European casino 
       by the casino. The decisions are accurate and broken into daily 
       batches. This title purchased alone in printed form sells for 
       $22.00 + $6.00 U.S. Shipping and handling.


The Zumma System Tester Library on Flash Drive is a copy protected disc utilizing the
Secure-X Encryption technology.  The purchaser's ID info is encrypted in the Flash Drive duplication thousands of times. Your Flash Drive is duplicated when you order.

You DO NOT receive resell, reproduction, or distribution
rights.  This is copyrighted material of the Zumma Publishing
Company.  You receive license to use the Flash Drive on your computer.
It cannot be copied or reproduced for others or sent via email or displayed 
on the internet.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. 
However as a licensed owner of the Flash Drive you can print as many copies as you like for 
your personal use. Enjoy!


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